Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Nothing is Impossible with GOD"

Dear Praying Friends and Family,
     Mrs. Eudy's daughter, Susan, just posted this update on FB so i wanted to share it with you...she is a lot more concise that i am:).  

Update from her daughter:
Thank you friends and family for your prayers, calls, texts, visit, etc. while mom has been so sick. This past 6 weeks she has recovered from emergency surgery, blood clots, internal bleeding, and pneumonia. She is now facing a brain aneurysm and possible problems with her liver. She has felt your love and your prayers. Even in the middle of all the medical chaos her saving faith in our LORD Jesus Christ shines through her and she has had sweet time with friends and family that I am so thankful for. Please continue to pray for her - this week could be tough. As many of you know she lives her day on GOD's Word. Feel free to share one of your favs & I will be sure to read it to her.

 Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for Mrs. Eudy and her family  I was talking with her son, Gene Jr. yesterday afternoon, he said the clots are gone, the internal bleeding has cleared up since she is off the blood thinner, the break in her bone was a hairline fracture so it's a none issue.   The LORD has already amazingly  healed  her in so many ways!  Before Mrs. Eudy left rehab, she told me that Dr. Mancuso had examined her and was amazed at how well her incision had healed.  She was cut from her below her breastbone to below her belly button.  When i looked, i too was amazed!  Only GOD's healing power could do that...she looked like she had had surgery a year or so ago!  

      Her son also shared that the more chaotic things become with his Mom's health challenges, the more CHRIST's presence and power they feel in the midst of the storm.  

What a great blessing and example of CHRIST's peace the Eudy family is to all who know them!  Her daughter posted the picture below on her FB page this morning and this says it all...


    We are experiencing REVIVAL at our church and I would ask you to please lift up our services tonight at 6:00 pm and tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm and then again Tuesday night at 6:30 pm.  If you live close enough to us...please come and join us at FBC, Athens, but if not, i would ask you to please pray the HOLY SPIRIT will have HIS way in each of our hearts and truly REVIVE his people.  This REVIVAL is not geared towards "the lost" per say, but it is geared toward our church family that CHRIST would work and have HIS way in our hearts.

    One of our deacons shared a short video, called "Defining Moments," from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association on our church FB site a few minutes ago.  I watched it and it is a powerful GOD transformed three different lives.  HE did that for me when i was 19 years old in a youth revival at Central Baptist in Decatur, Al.  He saved me from my sins, and gave me the power to walk with HIM and turn away from my sins.  How i praise HIM!  He can do that in your life too...HE wants to transform us and HE wants to REVIVE us again!  I hope you will take time to watch this short video and share it with your family and friends.... 

    Thank you for praying for Mrs. Eudy and for our Revival...."Nothing is impossible with GOD!"

                                                                                                                                               With all HIS love,

"Jesus Saves"                              

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Tamara said...

You are a blessing for sharing with us the requests and results of faith in prayer, and for the video. Praising the Lord for answered prayers for Mrs. Eudy!